AC Maintenance

AC maintenance is the best way to be certain you will not be without air in the hot Florida weather. Heat Busters maintenance program includes 2 visits per year to inspect your equipment. The benefits of AC maintenance inspections are perfect to keep you comfortable and worry free.

.Air Conditioner maintenance programs at Heat Busters

Preventive Maintenance

Heat Busters preventive maintenance program includes the following:

Outdoor Units -

  • Inspect refrigerant charge and pressures
  • Inspect all electrical connections inside unit, and tighten
  • Inspect cabinet for any loose connections
  • Clean leaves, and debris from inside unit
  • Ensure unit is level
  • Inspect coil fins
  • Inspect fan blade and fan motorĀ 

Indoor Air Handler-

  • Inspect drain panĀ 
  • Inspect drain pipe and switch
  • Inspect all electrical connections and tighten
  • Inspect filter
  • Inspect mechanical connections of mount
  • Inspect fan motor
  • Inspect coil